Growing Up Gibson

Over the last few weeks I’ve noticed something interesting. First, there are more people starting a blog every day than the number of frozen yogurt options at Sweet CeCe’s. Second, whenever I see someone I haven’t run into in 3 weeks, they all say the same thing… “You’re MARRIED!”

“It’s true!” has become my regular response. And believe me, I love it. The transformation into ‘Mrs. Gibson’ has been a gradual process, starting at the altar, and most recently escalating into a trip to SunTrust. The joint bank account. As soon as my bank card arrives, the joys of being a single girl with disposable income will certainly begin to change. But I’m prepped. So is Mr. Gibson. He knows my bent for retail therapy.

And so, with marriage, joint bank accounts, a new house, and a gorgeous set of everyday china from Pottery Barn, I decided to join the wave of generation Y in beginning our household blog. I can’t promise beautiful prose, recipes fit for Martha Stewart, or cute pictures of benji, our imaginary dog. I can, however, promise hilarious stories from a 2nd year with Teach for America, and lessons from marriage.

Lesson #1. Don’t comment on your husband’s outfit before he leaves for work.

Proverbs 16:3 “Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.”