myth busters

Before June 19th, I was told by a certain wise soul that marriage was “sin on steriods.” Warnings that the first year of marriage would be the hardest, sex would have to be scheduled in advance, and the toilet seat would never be put down were frequent, unsolicited bits of advice from those futher down the road of amalgamation. 42 days later, I am still coming to terms with the most shocking part of holy matrimony… and it doesn’t have anything to do with the marital bed or baño.

The most shocking news a month-and-a-half into Gibsonhood? Marriage is fun. Example #1, falling asleep holding hands with your best friend, giggling about some stupid joke you made right before turning over. Example #2, brainstorming together about who should play Blomkvist in the upcoming American film rendition of The Girl With the Dragon Tatoo. Example #3, sharing iTunes accounts and falling in love with hipster music you never thought you’d like.

It’s a sad world we live in where the picture of marriage you get before saying “I do” is that 50% of those end up saying “I don’t.” What’s more, even those that do make it the long haul warn you about its trials and travails. The end result? A bride dressed in white, anxious as she walks down the aisle to her best friend, thinking that as soon as they walk back the other way, life is going to be instantly more difficult. Instead, that bride was pleasantly surprised to find on June 20th, and 21st, and 22nd… marriage is a blessing.

Don’t get me wrong. The advice I received was true. Undoubtedly, we will face hard times, conflict, disagreements, and times that are very un-fun. I don’t believe that the rest of our lives together will simply be a repeat of the first 42 days of marriage. But, when any friend of mine gets engaged, or comes to me for my review on holy matrimony, my first response will not be about the toilet seat, the dishes or the fact that I can be really rude to my husband in the morning (even though sometimes I am). Instead, I will remind them that marriage is the closest picture God has given us of his love, and accordingly, it is a beautiful, awesome thing.