on ten things i like

There’s something wonderful and chilling about the coming of fall. With temperatures finally dropping consistently into the 70s (yay!), my soul is comforted by pumpkin spice lattes, but also melancholy at the loss of summer. The excitement of the start of the school year has definitely faded, and with fall break behind me, it is necessary that I focus on the good things in life in order to start the next chunk of the year with a smile.

Thus, I am taking the time to share with you my top ten. These are the top ten establishments, traditions, or treats that bring some simple pleasure to life. These are very shallow and not spiritual whatsoever, but I think you might enjoy them too.

#10. Shopping at Publix. There are always samples. There are always people smiling and willing to chat. There is never more than 1 person ahead of you in line.

#9. Eating at the new Silly Goose. They have reintroduced me to couscous, and have reignited my cooking curiosity. And there is goat cheese in almost every item on the menu. Yum.

#8. Texting with my sister about baby names. There’s something exciting about a new member of the family on the way! I can’t wait to be an aunt for the third time! Come on, Adair, or will it be Mary?

#7. Amelia’s mom’s pumkin cookies with icing. Everyone at our Neighborhood Group last Thursday night knows what I’m talking about.

#6. Our new food processor. It keeps me from grating my knuckles, and it will soon bring more pimento cheese, soups, and paleo chocolate mousse into our lives πŸ™‚

#5. Homemade chocolate chip cookies. The recipe’s on the back of the Nestle tollhouse chocolate chip bag, folks, and they are to die for.

#4. Sharpie pens.

#3. Joshua 6:1-2. God tells Josh, look over at that city… don’t you see how I’ve already given it to you? Can’t I have the same kind of faith about my classroom and my students?

#2. A gift from my mom on her visit to Nashville. You, like Greg Fenske, might be surprised that they make driving shoes for ladies. They do!

#1. Pumpkin spice lattes at ugly mugs. After trying them at Starbucks, frothy monkey, and ugly mugs, I’ve decided that Ugly mugs definitely wins. πŸ™‚