It’s beginning to look alot like…

A few weeks ago, a good friend asked me, “so are you ever going to update your blog again?” Unfortunately the conversation evolved into a diatribe against overly-talkative girls that start self-centered blogs that die after a few posts.

Needless to say I was embarassed and discouraged from my blog-writing. But, after updating myself on Mrs. Curtis’ life, I felt re-inspired to share what’s been up in the Gibson household.

Patrick and I have thoroughly enjoyed breaking out decorations for our first Christmas together. All we have so far is our two stockings, some cute place mats (a gift from Leigh last year), and then our Christmas china that my mom gave us as a wedding gift.

A non-black-Friday trip to Target set us up with a tree-stand, a garland, 350 mini lights, and about 20 gold ornaments.

We drove out to Green Hills (which is the equivalent of Woodruff Road if you are familiar with Greenville, SC) and bought our very first Gibson Christmas tree! Now, as a kid, I remember getting our Christmas trees for $40-50. That was NOT the case for us! Yikes! Inflation! But, needless to say… you can see from the smile on my face that getting a real tree was absolutely worth every penny.

Patrick was so sweet. He carried the tree in, and then proceeded to widdle the trunk with a pocket knife for 30 minutes so it would fit in the dinky stand I had bought for $6.99 at Target. The tree is a little tilted, we don’t have a tree skirt (yet) and we only have one special ornament of a church in honor of our first year of marriage. But that’ll do. I love it.

More posts will be coming, now that I have overcome my blogging insecurity. We have a few new recipes to share and a whole lot of things on the December calendar. Next? A trip to Atlanta to visit Whitney and Allen! Can’t wait!