When people create resolutions for a new year, it makes me laugh. On January 1st, Weight Watchers commercials increase by a few hundred percent, all ambitions Nashvillians register for the Music City Half Marathon, and the YMCA in Green Hills looks like the Green Hills Mall did 2 weeks ago. But not ALL resolutions are about fitness.
To resolve means to come to a definite or earnest decision. I can barely make an earnest or definite decision about what to wear in the morning, or what to eat for dinner.

But there is something remarkable about making a public statement about a commitment you’re making. If you succeed, you get the accolades of friends, family, and your tweeps. If you fail, you run a 50/50 risk. Either someone will ask you, ‘Hey, didn’t you say you were going to run the Half this year?’ or (hopefully) what you resolved will dissolve from people’s memory altogether.

So what have I determined for 2011?

I want to get to know my neighbors. Patrick and I live in a small apartment building with three other units in addition to ours. We’ve lived here for 6 months, and I don’t even know the names of the people that I can hear walking around above me. If I really want to love my neighbors, I need to start by getting to know their names.

I also want to invest in things I enjoy. I started this blog because I really love to write. I hesitate almost every time I hit “New Post” because of my ridiculous insecurities. I love cooking. I need to cook more inventively, and use the unbelievable resources at my finger tips to get even better at what I enjoy. I used to relish in working with flowers, and creating beautiful arrangements. Why not keep going?

So I will. I resolve to write about it all.