what’s cooking?

Like splattering oil in the large non-stick pan of Life, my experiences feel like they pop up at random. Like there’s something that’s about to start cooking.

With the arrival of 3 inches of snow last weekend, Metro Nashville Public Schools shut down for an unannounced, unplanned 10-day vacation, leaving me with very little to do but read, think, and try to meet my neighbors in building C. Since no one now lives in C5, and all I can do is hear the ghost in C7’s blender making smoothies above me, I was left to read and think.

I began to realize that my life makes very little sense when I try to explain it. There is no “I was born in Tennessee, went to Hillsboro High School then UT, studied education, and now I’m a teacher.” Even the simple question where are you from? elicits either a lie, or an explanation that is too long.

When I came to Nashville, I committed to teach-for-america for 2 years. Prior to that commitment, I had all these random experiences that don’t seem to make any kind of path or line. They simply are pops of oil all over a pan.

During my 10-day vacation, I filled out a few job applications. Turns out I am not highly qualified for one particular thing. Instead, I am minimally qualified for lots of different things. So now, my prayer is that God is somehow using these experiences to prepare me for some unique calling. In other words… what’s cooking?

I was born in West Point, New York (pop!),

but lived in 7 different states before the age of 10 (splat!).

My dad was in the Army (pow!),

but he also was a professor of systems engineering at the Military Academy (sizzle).

In high school there was choir, lacrosse, a few boyfriends, cheerleading (zing! pip!),

and then a move to South Carolina (ouch!).

a trip to China (pop!),

a heartbreak (!),

young life (za!),

(pip!) teaching

Are you seeing the picture I’m trying to paint?