a good day

It’s not often that I get one of these. A good day! 5 good things that happened today:

1. I got to do the “leader board” with kids first thing when they walked in the room, since we had a snow day Friday. Kids that complete all their homework and don’t have to sign the class “conduct book” get to be on the leader board and get $10 of Gibson Gold. So fun!!

2. So many kids did a GREAT job making a Jacob Lawrence-style painting about either the Great Migration or the California Gold Rush. Even though we had a long weekend, and I thought they would all forget.

3. A student who was in ISS all day found me at the end of the day and said, “Oh Mrs. Gibson, can I please get a packet so I can copy the notes I missed today? And, here’s my homework from over the weekend.” Whahhhhhhat!? Awesome.

4. I was given and installed a MOBI today, which is a fun teacher-tool. Can’t wait to use it!

5. I started tutoring a student in math today for about 45 minutes after school. We will keep on with the tutoring every Monday for the rest of the year. She’s a great kid, and it was a wonderful highlight of the day!

Just felt like I should document the good days too.