The Dog

Patrick and I brought our very first member of the family home in May 2011.  After calling him lots of different names (George, Peyton, Brother…) for a few days, we finally settled on the name Cooper.  And it fits.  Most people think we’re calling him Pooper, which is true.  Others have thought we named him Goober, which also suits.  So however you hear it, its the right name.

Here’s Cooper as a puppy.  So little!

Having only been married for a year, getting a dog was a big venture.  Most of our friends said not to.  And in the wise words of my sister, “We live in the United States of America, why would I want a wild animal roaming through my house?”  Still, after spending many weekends with Whitney & Allen’s dog Birch, I woke up one morning, turned to Patrick and said, “Um… I think I want a puppy!” Of course I used a sweet voice that later became known as my “Cooper” voice.

After months of training, frustration, anger, regret, hilarity, and more training, Patrick made a wise comment. “We couldn’t escape this kind of responsibility forever.”  And he’s right.  Thankfully, having a dog is a responsibility that you can leave home alone for a few hours while you go to dinner with your friends.