Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from St. Simons Island,  Georgia!

Patrick and I are here reminiscing about our wedding and enjoying family, the beach, and of course– I can’t imagine a Christmas without– seafood.

We had a wonderful morning eating biscuits and opening presents.  It’s always interesting how Christmas brings great anticipation for what could be in that box??  Even as an adult, when the presents usually come out of your own pocket book, it’s fun to see what presents bring the biggest surprise.

Over the last few weeks I’ve enjoyed seeing lots of different gift guides around the web, but I don’t think that my style is good enough to guide others.  Ha!  Somehow in the Carlton family, gifts are often shrouded in a package of “Well, I got this because…” and “if you don’t like it, you can totally take it back.”  I call it defensive giving.  Still, every year, friends and family are always able to come up with some great and creative gifts!

Here are a few goodies given and received this Christmas :)
Christmas Gifts 2011
I gave this vest to Patrick as a surprise, and I think he really liked it! (I found it because secretly I want this one)  He gave me these great vintage boots, but I’m still trying to figure out how to wear them best.  Any suggestions?  My sister Leigh gave me a knock off of this swanky watch.  I gave Leigh this nail polish for fun.  I am SO excited about using my mom’s sweet Christmas gift.  She bequeathed her decades-old dutch oven to me.  And finally, I gave these precious gloves to Whitney.  Hope she likes them!
So clearly, Christmas was a success.  I always find it difficult to reconcile the consumer-driven madness (even in my own head) in the midst of a season about a poor Jewish kid born in the filthy alley behind an ancient motel.  Jesus, the man who never wrote a song, but millions have been written about him.  Jesus, who never built an army, but has taken down kingdoms.  Who never turned away from God, but on whom Gods wrath turned.  Jesus.  He’s really what its about, isn’t he?
He is.  🙂