People are very particular about their grocery store.  For a while now, Patrick and I have been pretty committed to Publix.  My favorite thing about Publix is the way each employee is so willing to help, and when I’m looking for some particular ingredient, they don’t just say “look down aisle 4” but they actually walk to Aisle 4, point to the coconut oil, and make sure it’s in your hand before they walk away.

So, I went to the grocery store today because I am going to give this Paleo eating thing a try for the month of January.  I threw out the stray bagels and small pint of Blue Bell ice cream I had left over (tear), and put away all the rice, pasta, and cereal for safekeeping.  The neat thing about this cookbook that Leigh and Eric gave us is that it gives you a whole week’s worth of recipes in a grocery list, so you can buy everything you need at once.  Yay efficiency.  I’ve never stacked my cart so high with vegetables!

Here’s what it looked like at home on the counter one hundred and eighty some odd dollars later…

So tonight we are making a slow-cooked chicken with a slaw made with cabbage + mango + cucumber.  Sounds pretty good!
Patrick and I were able to have breakfast this morning with some of our favorite people from Greenville, SC, so I got my first question:  Why are you choosing to do this paleo thing?
Here’s why I’m going to try it:
1)  Why not
2)  I want to see if it really gives me more energy, like everyone says it will
3)  I want to see if it makes me feel better, less headachey
4) What’s wrong with eating more vegetables?
We’ll see!