Our House

Patrick and I moved into our house in July 2011.  Ever since, it has been a fun adventure learning how to budget, pay the mortgage, decorate the house, and still have a few dollars left over for groceries.  There are so many blogs out there showing off their great decorating skills– and I am not in any way trying to compete.  I mean, come on, check this out.   But, I wanted to document everything we’ve been through on our first home, and maybe even commiserate with other first-timers.  Can real people decorate their homes without breaking the bank?

So as time goes on, Patrick and I are more and more proud of our little nest.  We’re still a long way from having a place for everyone to sit when they come over, but we’re working on it!  So now, I’m finally putting up some pictures of our house when we first moved in.

CAUTION:  these aren’t pretty and I’m embarrassed of most of them.  I’ll show some “after” pictures later though, hopefully they’ll be a little better!

The Bathroom, our first major project.  Ooh, just looking at this makes me cringe.
The kitchen!  It’s small, but we spend about 96% of our time here.  The first light fixture cast a weird light over the kitchen, so we’ve made some updates here. 
Living Room, right when you walk in the front door!  Lots of potential here. 

Master Bedroom, this was taken before painting, buying 5 different comforters, creating our own nightstands, and much more.  *Phew!* I’m tired just typing it all out! 

A Couple other views of the Master Bedroom before any changes. 
This was the former owner’s formal dining room.  We’ve changed it into a family room/den, where we watch all our favorite TV shows.  We bought that beautiful piece of furniture from the former owner.  Isn’t it awesome?  And check out those french doors… they lead to…

Our favorite part of the house.  And the reason we bought it!  We negotiated a deal for the farm table and chairs, and have added a few more pieces of porch furniture.  Can’t wait for the temperature to rise just a bit, and get back out here. 

So that’s it!  We’re enjoying all the little projects, and have already done a bunch.  Can’t wait a share a few.