To Buy White or not to Buy: White

The White Sofa

Remember this room?  Well it’s time to get started on it! 

The problem for quite some time was this:

Patrick and I bought this cozy chair from American Signature Furniture in 2010, right after we got married.  This chair turned into a HUGE liability.  And when I say huge, I mean huge.  This chair was massive.  And that’s why Patrick and I decided to sell it last week!  We definitely took a loss, but we now have a blank slate.
Our first order of business is to purchase a couch.  So I pulled together some pictures from the interweb to try to get a few ideas… and I kept seeing the WHITE SOFA!I  s this feasible?  But then look at these other inspiring pictures:
But, really?  A white couch!?  We have a DOG.  We drink RED WINE.  … and all these pictures still  make me want a white sofa.
So, is buying a white reckless?  What do you think? What is your favorite color sofa?