Paleo Update: Day 23

Three weeks ago, I picked up the challenge to eat live a caveman for thirty days.  I used this cookbook by Sarah Fragoso a resource, read her blog a few times, and loved this recipe for seafood gumbo.  Yum!

Most likely the best meal of the last couple weeks has been this:

I don’t have a fancy schmancy camera, and from what I’ve read, pictures of food look better in daylight.  Oh well!  It tasted good.  We made this enchilada recipe from Sarah Fragoso.  My sister (who is starting her own blog! yay!) helped inspire me to make these eggplant chips that were DELICIOUS.   Finally, we topped it all off with some delicious guacamole

This meal was so great, we actually made it two nights in a row.  In fact, the eggplant chips were so tasty, we made a special stop at the store just to grab a nice, big, purple eggplant.

If nothing else, this month has been a great culinary adventure!