Oh Crap.

Oh crap.  I just hit submit.  That’s what went through my head a few minutes ago.

I’m going to run a half marathon.

Have you ever had a “tough-but-good” experience? I have a feeling that the half-marathon will be something along those lines.  You know what I mean.  Something that is really difficult while you are in the midst of it, but after it’s over, you smile knowing it was worth all the difficulty?  I’ve heard childbirth is like that.  I know marriage can be at times.  Difficult, stretching, challenging… but overall very, very good.

From 2009-2011 I “taught for America.”  I never thought that would be part of my “leap” into adulthood.  I made some big mistakes in my two years in room 224.  But I tried my best, and I finished the race.

This year, I re-started this blog as a way to re-foster my love of writing.  Difficult?  Sometimes.  It’s easy to begin the “compare today’s hits to yesterday’s” game–when really that’s not what this is about. Then, I set a small month-long goal to change the way I eat.  I’ve chronicled that major change.

Change, change, change.  Apparently it’s the theme of 2012. (There are even other changes coming, that I’ll share about later…)  And with any new venture, there comes some real tough moments, and some real beautiful ones too.

Sure… there are plenty of people out there who have run a half marathon, so it’s not like I’m doing something remarkable.  But it’s remarkable for me.  It’s also something I can put my mind to on a daily basis, and something I can look forward to as we move into spring.  

So, here I go!  I hope you’ll encourage, question, and come run with me along the way.

And what about you? Is there anything you’ve done recently that made you say “oh crap”?