OMG… shoes.

There’s no way around it.  I destroy tennis shoes.  Not to mention that I walk like a penguin.  My dad and sister do too.  It runs in the family.

Since I decided to starting running more (a lot more)–there was an immediate need for new kicks.  Unfortunately, going to Fleet Feet on a Tuesday afternoon isn’t my favorite experience.  You see, a person who walks like a penguin typically gets gawked at in those stores.  Whenever they tell me to run across the store so they can “check my gait,” I know I run even more awkwardly, over correcting to make my feet trot in a straight line, rather than pointing outward like a obtuse triangle.

As I waited for the trained foot professional to diagnose my training needs (they really said that and I almost laughed out loud) and browsed through my normal choices: Aisics or Nike.  But ultimately, I chose these shoes.  Anyone ever heard of Mizunos?

via MizunoUSA

Can’t wait to destroy them.



  1. Yay! Oh that makes me feel better about them. If they can help you jump out of a plane… surely they are good for what I'm doing!

  2. I LOVE my Mizunos. I made the switch when getting ready for Airborne school and they were more than great. Will stay with Mizunos for good…

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