Our Trip to California: San Francisco

Anyone planning a trip anytime soon?

Last year, Patrick and I went to California.  With the help of the lonely planet travel guide, a few good suggestions and some spontaneity, we killed it.  I wanted to chronicle it here not only for our nostalgia, but also for you.   Maybe my next few blog posts could help you plan your next big trip!

We started in San Francisco.

We flew in on the best airline there is and stayed at a relatively inexpensive bed and breakfast that I wouldn’t highly recommend, simply because of its dismal location.  Not to mention that we found out on day #2 that the bed and breakfast used to be a brothel.  That dampered things a bit.

Still, we spent the 24 hours we had in San Fransisco in a fury! Before leaving for California, we made sure to have good travel shoes to walk and bike around the city.  It’s always so hard for me to find shoes that are fashionably functional.  Here’s another good blog post about good travel shoes.

The first night in San Francisco, we went to dinner with our friends Ali and Jonny, then went on an adventure to find Bourbon and Branch, a prohibition-style speakeasy in the middle of the city.  It was swanky, hipster, and we were exhausted, but we had a blast!

When we woke up the next morning, we knew we only had 24 hours to explore the city.  Our day came with good news and bad news.

The good news: We rented bikes in at American Cyclery near Golden Gate park, and then headed towards the Golden Gate Bridge.  Once we made it over the bridge, we enjoyed an afternoon in Sausalito.  Look how beautiful!  Sausalito has great art galleries, shops, and restaurants.  It can be slightly touristy, but we loved it.

The bad news: When we took the ferry from Sausalito back to San Francisco, we ended up on the complete opposite side of the city than where we started from– and had to get the bikes back to the original shop!  Check out our unforgettable bike trek around San Francisco:

While in San Francisco, we learned how to use the public transportation pretty well.  But always remember to have cash on hand!  If you don’t have a pass or cash, they won’t let you on.  For some reason I thought they’d let us swipe-n-ride.  Not the case.  After our crazy bike ride, we treated ourselves to a delicious dinner…
…at Foreign Cinema.  This restaurant is phenomenal.  They play older movies in the courtyard, and the restaurant is surrounded by large industrial-style windows that really give it a European feel.  Plus, they brought us champagne for our anniversary!
We also had great meals at a sweet French spot called Frances, and bought way too much at Tartine Bakery. Yum.
Later, we said that if we could spend any more time at one place in California–it would be San Francisco.  In fact, at the dinner pictured above, we started imagining what it would be like to sell everything we own and just move to San Francisco.  That’s how much fun we had. 
But that’s just day one and two.  We had nine whole days in California… so stay tuned for the rest.