How She Knew: Lindsay Robbins

There’s nothing better than a love story, especially that of a friend.  Best of all?  When that friend is your sister.  Meet Lindsay and Dave Robbins.

Did you know that over 3,000 of Southwest Airlines employees are married to each other?  Events on The Office should be an indication–love blossoms during the hours of nine to five!

That story rings true for Lindsay and Dave Robbins.  They were assigned the same project at work in 2006.  Only a few months later, these two began dating regularly.

When asked how she knew that Dave was the right man for her, Lindsay explained:

“I don’t think there was a “first time” I knew he was the one.  I just think that as our relationship grew I knew that I didn’t want to be without him more and more.  I just realized that I believed that no matter what came our way I would always want him there with me to work it out, [or] work through it.  That I would rather be stressed out with him by my side, then lying on a beach with anyone else.”

The world is telling us something different.  Stick with your relationship as long as it works for you, we hear.  As soon as you’re unhappy, leave.   The best kind of relationship is one with no strings attached.  The loudest message we see and hear regularly?  Only thin, long-haired women with a passion about their careers can fall in love.  Only tanned, muscular men that are in tune with their feelings deserve a relationship.  Sex?  That’s only for the pros.  Marriage?  That’s an expensive, extravagant event that you plan for a year, and enjoy for a day. 

Lindsay and Dave  formed their relationship around something entirely different than what the world is saying.  And they are far from the “norm,” whatever the “norm” is today.

For one, Dave is thirteen years older than Lindsay–which, as her little sister, gave me pause.  But, Lindsay never allowed that to get in the way.  Then, they stepped further away from the mold in how they tied the knot:  it was a Wednesday.

“We got married at the court house on New Years’ Eve 2008.  It was simple, just us and a few close friends.  We literally met at the court house on our lunch break during the day and then went back to work.  We went out to diner with our friends and celebrated that night.  No muss, no fuss and that’s how we live our lives.”

Since that New Year’s day, Lindsay and Dave have continued in their journey to live simply, and love fully.   They have a son named Remington, and if his expression is any indication of the love that pervades their household, well…

… no fuss sounds about right. 

Special thanks to Lindsay for letting me interview her, and tell their sweet story on this Valentine’s Day. RILY.