Find Your Thing.

Have you found “your thing?”  My thing has been in constant motion since I was a child.  I feel like a cat trying to catch a mouse, or a laser pointer.  You can see an example of that erratic behavior here.

I see teachers around me at school and think, yes, this is your thing.  My uncle?  He is a salesman through and through.  He’s found his thing.  My sister, Leigh, while being a mother of three–she loves teaching fitness, inspiring people to eat better (even me), and instructing Crossfit.  Now she even has her own website!

And then there’s the example I always measure myself against.

My mother.  She is a wise counselor.   I should get at least thirty-three percent of the credit for her success though, since my emotional roller-coasters provided practice for her career.  Along with my two older sisters, she had more than enough training and never needed a degree.   My mom has counseled the elderly in Hospice, young women through FCA, and new mothers with CareNet.  She has most certainly found “her thing.”

But how does one go about finding a “thing?”

I am on a journey to find it.   This coming weekend, Patrick and I will be traveling to Atlanta, GA in hot pursuit of my thing.  Of course we will visit with The Curtises, but the primary purpose of our pilgrimage?  The Johnson O’Connor test.

There, I will spend four hours allowing the 80-year-old research organization assess my aptitudes.  My hope is to be able to report back this time next week with some insight into what my “thing” might truly be.

I feel excited. 

“The individual who knows his own aptitudes, and their relative strengths, chooses more intelligently among the world’s host of opportunities.
Johnson O’Connor

What about you?  Have you found your “thing?”