The other day I found myself in a bathroom with six middle school girls.  Scratch that.

At some point in every day I am in a bathroom with at least six middle school girls.  They primp and talk, while I tryto get in and get out as quickly as possible.

Middle school babble is basically the same as it has always been.  Who do you like? What did he SAY? etc.  But there’s a new phenomenon that I’ve realized recently happening in bathrooms and mirrors across the nation.

The Angled Selfie

Apparently, it has a name.  Selfie.  

Selfie. (Sell-fee) noun.  An image captured on a mobile device  focusing one’s outfit, makeup, hairstyle, or overall self.

The Full-Length Mirror Selfie
The Here’s My Hair Selfie

With the invention of applications like instagram, and modes of communication like Twitter and Facebook’s newsfeed, you and I have an opportunity like never before.  Now, you can create your own fashion magazine just with pictures of–well–yourself.

Is it narcissism?  Is it fashion?  Is it the modern-day version of the Polaroid picture?   Whatever it is… the middle school trend is catching on.

The Here Is My Lipstick Selfie