Job Finding Tips: Start With What You Like

So how can a girl who has not found a new job write a series of posts about landing one?  How do we even know that these tips are going to work, Claire?  Well, I don’t.  But I do have faith that at some point in the near (or far) future, I’m going to have some kind of answer to what comes next… even if it means I start making jewelry for a living. 

Job Finding Tip #1: Start with What You Like

The Saturday after I got the news Friday afternoon, I made a list of all the things I love to do. It looked something like this.  Exercise, Writing, Cooking, Shopping at J.Crew, Reading, Drinking Coffee.

With that list, I decided to start my job search.  Maybe, just maybe, something on that list could become a job.  Since only one of the items actually named a business– I started there.

You see, I love J.Crew.  I do. There really isn’t anything they don’t do well.  So naturally, when I became an adult, and had my own (however measly) income, it became one of the only stores I would spend time in.  And I like being in there.  Pastel colors.  Soft materials.  Friendly people.  What’s not to like?  Unfortunately,  I’ve never worked in retail.

Right away, I called my favorite J.Crew associate and set-up a coffee date.  I asked her all my questions about working at J.Crew.  What’s the discount?  How are the hours?  What do you love about your job?  What do you hate?   As it turns out, I wasn’t meant for retail.  Straightening, folding, and organizing clothes?  Lady… I can barely get my own from the laundry room to the drawer.

It felt good to eliminate at least one option.

What about you?  Are there things you like that could never be a viable career?  Have you thought about going to work at Starbucks because you like coffee, or Jeni’s because you love ice cream?


Author: Claire

Hi I'm Claire. I am a freelance writer, Vizlsa lover, and avid runner who lives in Nashville, TN. Nice to meet you.

4 thoughts

  1. I so appreciate that Eric, Leigh, and Whitney. You all know me so well- and all offer three different perspectives. I'm not ready to have children yet. The door has closed on the job I'm in- so I feel like I have a unique opportunity to ask some of these questions and see what answers come up. We will see!

  2. Ouch Whitney. I hope your mom got more out of motherhood than folding shirts! I have only met you once or twice, but your mom should be proud of her accomplishment of getting you where you are today. I imagine you don't take your upbringing lightly! Claire – it is highly unlikely that you will find a job that makes you happy 100% of the time. However, the key is to find your passion in life…not merely things you like. If you can find a job that let's you tap into that passion even 5% of the time, it will be worth it. For example, my passion is leadership development. You would be surprised how difficult it can be to actually talk to cadets about leadership development AT WEST POINT!!! Most of my job consists of teaching army doctrine and random taskings/briefs throughout the day. However, if I can spend 5 to 10 minutes a day talking to a cadet about being a better leader, it makes everything else worth it. Additionally, Meg, Liam, and Adair are my "leadership experiments" on a daily basis when I am home. God has entrusted me to develop them into productive members of society. So find what gives you that little spark in your step everyday and then exploit it in your job search. Just my two cents…

  3. just have a baby. if you want to do something you love, and have no regrets, then have a baby. those bright baby eyes will look at you every morning afresh, and you wont even remember your life before it. i can tell you right now that you wont find anything you will love to do more in life. this is what you were made to do. family is the most important thing. what more are you looking for? (wink) being a young parent is very cool and hipster. be so thankful you are in a situation where you can have this baby. please still be my friend.

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