Job Finding Tips: Discovering Your Strengths

“You’re going to fail all of these tests. You’re not good at anything.”  
Me to Myself.

After deciding I probably wouldn’t like working at J.Crew,  I wanted to invest in a real drawing board, because mentally, mine was filling up with self doubt.

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That was when a good friend of mine suggested I see a career counselor to hash out what might be my next best move.   She said I needed to discover my strengths.  But I simply didn’t want another Myers’ Briggs to tell me I am still a judgmental extrovert (ENFJ to be exact).  Thanks but no thanks.

That’s when I learned about the Johnson O’Connor Research Center, an organization with over 90 years of experience directing people towards careers that are best-suited for their aptitudes.   The best thing about it?  They discuss your results and potential careers before you walk out the door.

So I did it. Two weeks ago, I was tested in over 25 different areas: observation, rhythm, number memory, puzzles, design, idea-generation, reasoning and more.  Very quickly I realized I will never be a police officer–I epically failed the test on observation.

“You’re going to fail all of these tests. You’re not good at anything.”   That’s what we do to ourselves.  In the midst of change, the easiest move isn’t into a new career: it is into self-doubt. 

Thankfully, I walked out of the research center with some good news.  I am good at something.  A few things, in fact.  But I’m sure you’re wondering what my results where.  What career should I pursue?  What was at the top of the career list they handed me?


Back to the drawing board.

Want to know your strengths?  Here’s a free personality test to give a shot: