Family Vacation: NYC

Did you know that I used to live in New York?  It’s been almost TEN YEARS since I lived there!  My how time flies. 
My family lived at West Point for seven years.  Today, my oldest sister and her husband live there with their three children.  Next week, Patrick and I will head out of Nashville and up to the Empire State!  I can’t wait to show Patrick my old stomping grounds, and find a few new places to enjoy.  
I’ll definitely take him here… I spent at least half of my childhood there, so it’s time he sees it! 
We’ll be staying at this quaint little bed and breakfast when we go into the city. 
I’m hoping to check this out, doesn’t that seem like an adventure?
We’re going to channel our inner Top Chefs and check out this celebrity’s kitchen.  I might wear something inspired by this amazing moment that night. 
I can’t wait to walk around my favorite NYC store, and check out this one I’ve never been to!
Of course my real reason for going is to spend a few days with these guys!

… and of course the littlest one, that wasn’t even born yet at the time of these pictures!  My how time flies.