Well, hello there!

Last summer, Patrick and I bought our first home!  If you’re a professional photographer, it can look like this. 
aw, cute.
But if you’re the Google Street View camera guy, it looks more like this. 
oh, ouch.

Curb Appeal anyone? Yeah, we don’t have any.

But we’re working on it.  The first thing we did was cut down those large hedges you see in the street view picture.  Believe it or not, by the time we moved in, they were close to eight feet tall.  That’s a lot of hedge.

Today, Patrick and I are meeting with a lawn guru to get some input on what plants we can save, transplant, or get rid of.  I’m looking forward to his suggestions!  Once we get back from New York, this will be our next major project.

For now, which of these do you like?

 Number One

 I love the beautiful green hydrangeas, plus grass, and neutral paint colors.  Even that big tree on the left looks like the one we have!  And, check out those window planters.  Nice touch.

Number Two

Consider this the modern picket-fence.  Just on the corer, this little fence is a great backdrop for pretty colors, wild flowers, and pretty much anything else you’d like.  I really want to do this in our yard, next to the alleyway.

Number Three
 Okay, so maybe this one is a little over the top, but take our a few tulips here and there, add a little more grass… and you’ve got a great lawn.  Mostly, I think I like the brick walkway.  Currently ours is basically covered in weeds, so any visible walkway would be an improvement.
 What are your thoughts on garden gnomes?  I think I like them.