It’s Okay to be Fancy

 On the way to church Easter morning, Patrick remarked that dressing all fancy on Easter seems ironic–wasn’t Jesus dying for our sins?  Why are we trying to pretend like we have it all together, when He died because we don’t?  Is it wrong to be fancy?

I, for one, don’t think so.  Though on Good Friday Jesus’ disciples mourned, a few days later they had every reason to throw a party.  It’s okay to be fancy because Jesus really is who He said He is.  I really will spend eternity with Him.  Our Sin truly is forgiven!  We are no longer grieving a funeral– we are celebrating an engagement of epic proportions.  That’s a reason celebrate!

This Easter, we took it a step further and threw our first Easter lunch, with our good friends Tiffany and Brian, along with their parents, and Patrick’s too.  I used that lunch as an excuse to get extra fancy.

We finally pulled out my paternal great-grandmother’s luncheon china and silver that’s been in hibernation in my in-laws storage closet. That crystal we registered for back in 2010?  We finally took the stickers off!   I mixed up a delicious raspberry lemonade cocktail, and served it in this glass drink dispenser from Pier One!  It was a hit! 

Sandra brought her famous deviled eggs, and a rockin’ glazed ham–which we couldn’t decide to serve warm or cold.  Warm or cold?  Warm or cold?!  We went with room temperature.
I made my (I-wish-it-were) famous sweet potato cake + cream cheese icing, inspired by Greenville, South Carolina’s Brickstreet Cafe.

Tiffany made the steamed asparagus with a champagne-tarragon drizzle, and macaroni and cheese– fancy, because it was made with quinoa, broccoli and cheese–no pasta!  I tried to go simple with the flowers, because lilies are fancy all on their own.

So, yes.   It is okay to be fancy.  And yes– I broke one of our crystal glasses.  And no– I have no idea how to polish silver.

Here’s hoping for many more fancy dinners to come!

Do you have any hand-me-down china or silver that remains unused? Did you register for china when you got married?  Have you used it?–

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