Noble Springs Dairy: Goats!

If you talk to me on a regular basis, you probably know that I’ve been spending entirely too much time thinking about food lately.

First, I’m running a half-marathon this weekend (shameless plug for you to come cheer me on), and the training has required a few more calories than normal.

Second, Patrick and I discovered the culinary Mecca of the West Nashville Farmers’ market two weeks ago, and have filled our fridge with salsa, pies, cheese, strawberries, and produce that isn’t just local… it’s local, Local, LOCAL.  Did you just ask me again? Yes it’s local.

With all that fun, has come a few new friendships.  Meet Dustin and Justyne Noble: proud owners of Noble Springs Dairy and over 85 goats!

These two live on a 233 acre farm in Franklin, Tennessee.  Both grew up raising and showing goats, and even met at a goat-friendly event.  When a family friend approached them to see if they were willing to rent a farm and start a dairy, the Nobles jumped at the opportunity. 

Sunday, they invited the entire community out to see their operation, taste their delicious goat cheese, and pet their furry family. They even had Smoke et al pull up and provide some sammies for us all.  Patrick and I couldn’t pass up that kind of adventure.  So we went!  Here’s what we saw there. 

It was a fun day!  AND… the goat cheese is delicious.  Dustin and Justyne work so hard every day maintaining this farm, and only have one other part-time worker! It is exciting to see a young couple pursuing their dream and making a quality product right in your back yard.  You can find Noble Springs Goat’s milk and cheese at Whole Foods (Nashville), Produce Place, Turnip Truck, and lots and lots of restaurants.  Great work Dustin and Justyne!