Beautiful Things in our Yard Part 2

Happy Mother’s Day Week! I just put a little note in the mail to my mom today… have you? And although I can’t quite afford a bouquet of flowers for her this year, there are a TON of things blooming in the back yard that I wanted to share… in honor of Laura.
There’s a lot my parents taught me as a kid.  But of there’s anything my mom DIDN’T teach me as a child: that would be gardening. I have lots of memories of her in the yard weeding, cursing deer (she called them “rats with hooves”), and sweeping off the porch.  But we never lived in one place long enough to build a flourishing garden.
At the Gibson household in Nashville, we inherited a beautiful garden of flowers from the former owner, a 70-year old green thumb extraordinaire.  This year, I planted some herbs and tomatoes–and I’m trying with all my might not to kill them.  Maybe I can learn how to be a gardener, especially since I’ve learned so much recently from local farmers in Tennessee. 
Hey, a girl can hope!
 Basil. Yum. Crush this with Grapefruit Juice + Vodka + Soda.  Trust me.
 Can anyone identify what this is? It’s so beautiful! Almost looks like an orchid.

 Millions of peaches.  Peaches for me.

Have a great day!