100 things I Remember about Furman

Last week was Furman’s graduation, and with that in mind, I’ve been doing a whole lot of reminiscing.  I’m sure there are a thousand typos in this blog post, but that’s not the point.  (Look for all my grammatically correct work, here.) The point is to remember what I loved, hated, and experienced for four years at Furman, my Alma mater.

Do you remember?

1.Waiting in line in (the old) DH for cookies just out of the oven (funny how this is the first one)
2. Paying a $10 FUPO parking ticket for staying a minute too long in SOHO
3. Dr. Bainbridge
4. Dr. Akan Malici always saying things were “sexy” in political science class
5. The trails around the lake
6. Going to the library because you didn’t have anything else to do (and that’s where everyone else was)
7. Scheduling your classes around when you want to go to the PAC
8. Being jealous of every person who ever went to Chile with the HES or Spanish Department
9. Hating sophomore year
10. Loving the trees every fall
11. Filling a Nalgene with milk or cereal or both and sneaking it out of the Dining Hall
12. Checking your mailbox in the student center, even though you know nothing’s in it, just to hang around and see if that cute guy stops to talk to you
13. That one concert where a bunch of guys played Creed cover songs

14. That other concert where GirlTalk came and DJ’ed in the Watkins Room.
15. The Watkins Room
16. That other concert in the amphitheater where Guster played “Come Downstairs and Say Hello” and changed my life
17. That hidden study room above the library (did you ever find it? I loved it.)
18. The bell tower, and climbing it
19. Wishing I was an independent guy so I could be part of DMU
20. When they renovated Furman Hall
21. Walking to football games and staying for twenty minutes
22. That one snow day where we stayed on the KD hall and drank hot chocolate and watched RENT
23. Getting lost in Lakeside housing
24. Living in “C”
25. Hating living in “C”
26. Wishing I lived in “I” or “J” because somehow they were cooler
27. Drinking coffee in the Tower Cafe “Starbucks”
28. The Chicken Caesar wraps.  Yum.
29. Young Life team meetings

30. Getting dropped off at class when I lived half a mile from the building
31. Skipping Class to study for another class
32. That deli. What was it called?  They had good chicken salad sandwiches. The one next to Publix. Kerri’s! That’s right.
33. The guy that sold boiled peanuts on the road by Publix
34. Spill the Beans, and especially that time that Amelia had two cones
35. Coffee Underground, and how cool I felt when I was there
36. That one time I went to High Cotton
37. Traveler’s Rest
38. Trying to go on the Swamp Rabbit trail alone, but getting scared because there were so many abandoned warehouses
39. Playing tennis on the north village courts
40. When Furman was “dry”
41. When they built that Japanese garden
42. The beautiful fountains
43. The night Samantha broke her collar bone
44. O-week and how excited I was
45. GO-week and how excited I was
46. Bar-golf and how excited I was
47. Having Samantha on my bar-golf team and how clutch that was

48. When they opened the new Greenville Drive Stadium
49. That restaurant by the stadium- Liberty?
50. The G-spot. And the fact there is a bar called that. 
51. Broadway Bagel (only if you were an Eastside Younglife leader will you appreciate this)
52. Pleasantburg Road
53. That huge Land Rover place on Laurens Road
54. Going to Pretty Place
55. Hiking in Triple Falls

56. Visiting friends who were taking summer classes at Furman
57. That one urban politics class I took with Dixon Dabbs. (He’s a great debater)
58. That one creative writing class I took with Andy Brame. (He’s a great writer)
59. Rush (not the band, the horrible 2-week sorority “picking” process. ugh.)
60. Obsession with Gilmore Girls thanks to Mackenzie Stephens
61. Obsession with the Bachelor thanks to Amy Lothrop. … and speaking of Amy Lothrop’s apartment (which was also Jessica Slagle’s)…
62. Garage Band and listening to Amelia sing “Black Hole Sun”
63. Box-baked brownies and ice cream
64. The constant flow of Cheezits
65. Amy’s unbelievably delicious white trash
66. Trips to Charlotte just for Anthropologie
67. That one trip our pledge class took to Clinton, SC (just to humor me)
68. Beach Weekend (before they ended the trimester)

69. The trimester (what the heck was that, anyway?)
70. Needtobreathe and how that’s really our band, anyway
71. Leopard Forest Cafe
72.The Lazy Goat (oh how I miss you)
73. Brickstreet Cafe and it’s sweet potato cake (can you tell that I like food?)
74. The mainstage where Izzy, Mae, Caitlin, Alayna and others sang the crayola song
75. The old KA house that looked kinda like a trailer
76. The new KA house that kinda looked like a mountain lodge
77. FU one time, FU two times, FU all the time
78. Barn Party
79. Taking lots of Chinese classes. Lots. And going to China.

80. Shaking keys before football games
81. Dressing up in costumes, a lot.

82. That time that Millard dressed up like a Russian
83. Lots of Young Life camps

84. Senior Swim

85. The smelly mulch
86. The daffodils that bloomed first every year
87. The tables outside Johns Hall where I’d sit and review before exams
88. The year they put in an Einstein’s bagels– the same year I put on a few pounds
89. The new Dining Hall and the sweet salad bar
90. The new P.A.C. that I never really got to see
91. Movies in the amphitheater
92. Informals
93. Formals and getting ready for them.

94. Working at Expressions Unlimited and loving the flowers
95. The ugly, ugly carpets in North Village
96. How your door color and carpet color matched in North Village
97. Late-night trips… anywhere
98. Sharing closets with Whitney
99. Wishing it would be over so I could get a real job
100. Watching it go by in my rear-view mirror