Home Economics: The Front Room

I don’t know if you noticed, but I took a pretty long hiatus from talking about anything related to the Gibson household. Changing careers, working two simultaneous jobs, and running a half marathon made house projects all but impossible.

The other problem is that our house is, well, kind of mini. It’s little. Not even small. Just altogether miniature. As my mother put it yesterday, “normal furniture doesn’t fit in your house,” and she’s right. But rather than put it on the market, Patrick and I have taken it as a sort of two-person-and-a-dog challenge to make this house work.

Now that school is finished, I have a plethora of extra energy just waiting to be put to good use. So, yesterday, at 5 p.m. while waiting for Patrick to get home, I rearranged all the furniture in the front room and then created a list of about 10 projects to complete over the summer.

This is totally not how this room looks anymore. 

Here are the projects, in order of priority.

1. Paint the front room. This has been entirely necessary since day one, but we’ve just put it off.  As you can see in the picture above, we still haven’t moved our pictures down to an appropriate level, because we don’t want to leave gaping holes in the wall.  It’s time to patch, prime, and paint.  I’ve chosen “Ivory Lace”  for above the chair-rail, and “Bone” for below from Behr paints.

2. Paint the kitchen table + chairs. This is step two, because I’ve been itching to buy a new dining room table.  But, we don’t really have a dining room, it’s more of a 3 x 5 nook.  So, rather than purchase miniature furniture, I’m going to try to work with what I’ve got, and paint it black for a sleek change. 

3. Find a new rug for the front Room. The shag is already gone, so at this point, our house is just wood floors! We need some more softness, but rugs are hard to find!

4. Install light fixture over the new kitchen table. Which light fixture? 

5. Find an upholstered chair for the front room. Since I rearranged the furniture, there is space for a side chair… one we need to find! Preferably, it won’t cost $500. 

6. Sell the guest room furniture, knick knacks, and crap that is currently camping out in the second bedroom. Yep.  That second bedroom is becoming a home office SLASH guest bedroom. Yard sale June 16th!

7. Knock out all the ugly built in bookshelves in the guest room. This should be interesting.

8. Paint the guest room/office. I haven’t chosen a color yet, but since our house is so mini, I’m probably going to go with a pretty neutral warm white or cream color. 

9. Build a desk. I’ve been pinning away long, skinny desks. 

10. Find a workable futon that doesn’t make me feel like I’m in college. This will be hard

11. Have at least SOMETHING on the walls. This is a process. 

Okay, so the list is eleven things.  My goal is to do at least one a week.  Do you think I can do it?!  Well I’m headed to Home Depot now to go buy some paint.

What about you? Do you create long lists of home projects? What’s next on your list? Which of these would do you think will be the biggest headache for us?