Everything’s the Worst

I mean everything.

But I did do this last weekend. 

So, Patrick and I both had the flu for four days.

Then, today,  I’m at the dentist. Scratch that. So it’s a month ago, and I call my dental insurance, Humana, and the lovely voice on the other end assures me that they will cover an exorbitantly expensive procedure to get two deteriorating crowns replaced. Bam. I make a dentist appointment.

So I go to the dentist the first time, a week later. We consult. We decide to do the procedure. They send Humana an estimate. I make an appointment for a later date to have the procedure.

So I’m at the dentist, this morning. Humana denied coverage. No procedure. Must appeal the process. Will take thirty days. Oh yeah, and my dental insurance expires in 60 days. Because remember? I left my cushy, stable, we-give-you-insurance-even-though-they-don’t-do-crap job.

Everything is the worst.

So I’m getting my teacher’s license. Scratch that. So it’s two years ago, and I was too stressed out by teaching (read: and planning a wedding) to finish all my teaching requirements. Then, I decide to leave the profession of teaching, but before totally shutting that door–I decide to do the adult thing and just finish my licensure.

So I’m getting my teacher’s license. That includes taking an ETS test called the PLT. But no one told me that the PLT changed last year, and Tennessee doesn’t accept the “0524” test I registered for, only some other number test I can’t remember. The woman on the phone at ETS was condescending and rude. The man on the phone at the Tennessee department of education explained that basically I’m registered for a test this Saturday that probably won’t count. But it might. So I should go ahead and take it, because I can’t get my money back anyway.

I hope I pass.

Everything is the worst.


Author: Claire

Hi I'm Claire. I am a freelance writer, Vizlsa lover, and avid runner who lives in Nashville, TN. Nice to meet you.

5 thoughts

  1. Ugh, I am so with you on the dentist thing. You know what else is fun? Having to have mercury fillings replaced because they're leaking toxins into your body. Or something like that. Especially when it means keeping your mouth open for an hour just to have the first one replaced. AN HOUR. And then paying them for it.Take heart, though. There will be light at the end of the tunnel. Or maybe a future article idea for you? Hmmm.

  2. when it rains it pours… I would try to offer you something uplifting but sometimes you just need people to come down and agree that everything sucks!

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