DIY: Turn a Hutch into a Bar

Well, the Gibson household is back at it. Paint cans are out. Spackle is on the walls. Oil-based paint was spilled all over the floor. Yep. It’s summertime, which in our book means: time for all those house projects we’ve been putting off.

While my biggest priorities have been to paint the front room and refurbish our kitchen table and chairs (and yes, those projects are in progress, I’ll fill you in later), I also had another mini-project I was just dying to complete.

Enter: Hutch.

We bought this beauty from the quirky Italian woman that lived here before us, and ever since, I’ve been dying to make it sing. Recently, I found a snapshot on Pinterest (that I can’t track down now), and I knew immediately that I’d found a project I could tackle in just one afternoon.

First, I cleared it all out.  I should have painted the inside at this point, but I didn’t even know if the vision in my head was going to work out, so just started working with the shelves first. 

I bought this $10 chrome glass rack from World Market with the idea that if I could screw it into the existing shelves, the entire project would be a snap. Thankfully, Patrick had some short screws laying around that wouldn’t poke through the skinny shelving, so I went to town with the Milwaukee drill. 

 Bam. I was so thrilled at this point, I could have done a back flip. 
 Then, I filled her up with random bar stuff we had laying around! Bellemeade Bourbon, a Pottery Barn iron wine rack we registered for two years ago, but never displayed, our stemware, heirloom silver, a decanter, mortar + pestle, and a few old fashioned glasses to. I’m going to tack the frame of that lighthouse up just a bit so it hangs above the tray. 

And with the power of Instagram, there you have a cool, vintage, repurposed bar that took me all of 20 minutes.  Take that DIY network!
We did another DIY project a few months ago that Whitney chronicled for her blog (since it was her idea).  Check that out here