Book Inspiration: On the Road

I’ve been doing my fair share of reading these days. The Marriage Plot, the Great Gatsby, Lord of the Flies, and now, Jack Kerouac’s famous novel On the Road.

All books take you somewhere, but Kerouac’s novel literally takes you across the country in a wild, mad, ceaseless journey to find something. To find “it.” The narrator is Sal Paradise, a writer looking for inspiration.  He traverses the U.S., from New York from California, jumping trains, hitching rides with women, men, truckers, and Mexicans. He does drugs, stays up all night, picks cotton, and breathes in the Pacific. It’s captivating.

Saturday, I tuned into Car Talk (we only have a few more months to listen, folks) and heard a woman in her 40s asking Click and Clack about her own personal road trip. She was leaving her hometown, and heading to Oregon and California to drive down Highway 1 and through the desert.

All this talk of road trips really does give a girl the itch to travel. Wouldn’t it be just brilliant to leave this messy house behind and drive around the country for three months?

With that as inspiration, I’ve pulled together my very first “roundup.’ I’ve pulled together a smorgasbord of items I would need (and want) on the road.

On the Road

Perhaps you’re going on a road trip this summer.  Is there anything you’d simply have to have?

By the way, Hollywood is making a modern movie based on Kerouac’s On the Road. Here’s the cast. Here’s the trailer.  Yes, that’s Kiersten Dunst. I’m in.