The Front Room: Ta Da

As you may know, making our house a home has been quite an ongoing project (as I’m learning is true for all homeowners).

The front room of our miniature home has been a particular challenge that we continued to put off for this entire year, simply because we didn’t know what to do. Should we buy a new table and chairs? Is a white sofa really feasible?

All these questions and more led us into an utter standstill. Oh yeah, I also had major life changes happening and that was a good distraction from the ugly room we walked through every day.

Now that school is over and I have a little more time on my hands, we were able to really make some major progress. It started with the dining room table and chair– a gift from my mother. It’s the table where we ate, did homework, argued about curfew, and cried about broken hearts. That table. It was perfectly beaten up, grimy, and outdated, worn down by years of abuse, use, and spaghetti sauce.

I couldn’t get rid of it.


I followed this tutorial about how to paint the wood, and decided to leave the original caning, rather than painting it black too.  I think it turned out so beautifully. 
You can see from the before + after pictures, too that we did some heavy-duty patching and painting in order to revive the room. I love the two-toned walls, but chose a lighter shade of cream paint, because I love it. 
Then I found a chair. THE BEST CHAIR EVER.  It was one of those purchases I made without really talking to Patrick. Risky, I know. But I couldn’t leave the Downtown Antique Mall without it. So I didn’t. After the chair came the right rug, a few lamp rearrangements, and bam. We love the front room.
Once again.

I don’t really consider myself very good at the whole interior design thing. I leave that to my more informed friends.  But I’m pretty proud of this room. 

Sleeper Slipcovered Sofa in “Natural” – Mitchell Gold
Bone (above the rail) + Baja (below) – Behr Paints
Trunk – heirloom
Lamps – Thrifted and Sticky-Fingered from Mom and In-Laws
Kilim rug – West Elm
Pillows – Pottery Barn + West Elm
Bench – Hobby Lobby
Table + Caned Chairs – heirloom
Orange Velvet Chair – Vintage