Before and After: Home Office!

Life as a freelance writer is great until you realize that buying a $3.50 latte every day to use some coffee shop’s Wi-Fi is a little excessive. 
And though the Wi-Fi is paid for and coffee is plentiful—working from home is distracting. There’s always laundry to fold, dishes to wash, and a dog that incessantly sticks his head on your lap and says “Mom, since you’re home and all, shouldn’t we go outside and play?” or something to that effect.
Plus, Patrick also works from home about half the time, working from the kitchen table (That new shiny black one!). Don’t get me wrong, I love getting to have coffee in the morning, and enjoy breakfast together… but when ten o’clock rolls around, I need to be able to shut out all the distractions and get to work.
So it became pretty clear we needed to make a home office.  Out of this: 
Notice the crap. notice the beautiful chandelier. Notice the dingy sky-blue walls, dotted with holes. Awesome.

Making it happen would be no small feat.  Our house is only 1100 sq. feet on a good day, and we only have two bedrooms: the “master,” and the one where we put all our junk, then clean up if guests come to town.  You get my drift. 
The room is only 10×12 (I think), and a foot of that small space was occupied by a huge make-shift built in bookshelf, which really was just a bunch of wood nailed to the wall. We decided (with the help of our carpenter friend, Ben Williams) to chuck it. 
 Look at all that extra floor space!

Next, we had to choose a paint color, and I’d been jonesing a lot lately for navy blue. After an unsuccessful attempt to get Bar No.308 to share their paint colors with us, we went with “Naval” by Sherwin Williams. 

 Too dark, too light? Navy is just right.


And finally, the home office part. I needed a desk and a place to put my computer, but it couldn’t take up too much space. Enter Ikea. I made a special trip to Atlanta, and found this great 16″white desk that was on display as a vanity or dressing table.  The sleek lines and compact size made it perfect for the space!

So, what do you think? Do you have a home office? How/where do you do your best work?