Tips to professional stalking

I really didn’t mean to be a stalker, I promise. It just sort of, happened.

You see, a month or so ago, I saw a Nashville restaurant post on Facebook that they were excited to be featured in a new magazine in town called Native. New magazine? I thought.  What’s it called? Who’s running it? How can I write for them? But unfortunately, all of my google search and questions remained unanswered.

A few weeks later in a totally separate incident, Patrick asked if I’d heard of this new magazine. “Yes!” I screamed, hands in the air. “But I can’t find them! No website, no twitter, no nothing!”

That’s when I started the search.

Soon after that conversation with Patrick, I stumbled upon a new twitter feed for @NativeNashville, and a conversation they’d had with someone I know around town. At some point in the back and forth, Native mentioned where their office was located.

So I went.

Now, you’d think at that point I was stalking, but unfortunately (fortunately?) it gets worse. Or better.

So I go down to the old warehouse-style building called Marathon Village, where dozens of businesses and creatives do their work. And though I knew Native’s suite number (from the aforementioned twitter feed), only a few doors in the whole building actually had numbers–and the big black industrial doors that line the long brick hallway were all shut.

At this point, you’d think I’d give up. Instead, I started knocking on doors.

“Do you know where the Native office is?” I’d ask casually.  No one knew what I was talking about. Until finally, someone did.

He told me that the office was probably closed, but the managing editor was actually meeting with his boss at Bang Candy Company… right now. At that point, I pushed my luck and asked my informant if he knew the managing editors’ name. And he did.

Folks. I stalked the managing editor of this magazine all the way to Bang Candy Company, where, for an hour or so, I read and checked my e-mail until she was done with her interview. At that point, I pounced introduced myself and my interest in writing for her magazine.

There are actually more parts to this story, but at the end of the day, you need to know something. I am now working with Native as an Editorial Intern. Bam.

Sometimes you’ve just got to find your way into an open door. Even if the doors are unnumbered.

Does this story make me a total creep? What’s the nuttiest thing you’ve done to get a job? Have you seen the magazine? Do you like it as much as I do?