Perfectly Unique

Sometimes I dream about writing a book.  And then I realize that all around me, people are doing it. Regular people like me can become authors.

Today I’d like to introduce you to one of them, Annie Downs— blogger, writer, speaker, and now author.

Annie is one of those women in Nashville that I just kept hearing about. “Oh Claire, you want to be a writer?” says everyone. “Do you know Annie Downs? You should meet Annie.” And I should have. A long time ago. But as it would happen, I didn’t meet Annie. Not until the perfect time.  Not until the Saturday before her book released.

Let me set the stage. It’s Saturday night, much past my bedtime, and the new Taylor Swift song about how she’s never EVER getting back together with some dude is playing on an iPhone, which sounds like it has surround sound because it’s been placed in a ceramic coffee mug. Two girls are in the kitchen dancing, and without much thought to how ridiculous I look, or how ridiculous this song is, so am I. Immediately I revert to my 15-year-old-self, and sing the song to my then-boyfriends who I gave a few too many chances. 
Before I know it, the brunette with every lyric memorized and I strike up a conversation —and then I realize — It’s Annie!  Funny that she was unintentionally singing a song with my 15-year old self, because as it turns out, she’s particularly gifted at speaking to that demographic. 
Annie is the author of a book for women called Perfectly Unique  — and it hits the shelves TODAY. The book chronicles Annie’s personal journey through self-acceptance, and would have been perfect for 15-year old me. Each chapter moves literally from head to foot, describing the ways our mind, eyes, ears, mouth, shoulders, and so on were created to be so much more than just a pretty shell. 
She writes, 

There is no amount of dieting I can do today to make me a size 2 by morning. No amount of plastic surgery done today can make me look like a supermodel by dinnertime. Who I am today is me, and God loves me deeply today. Today I have eaten okay, I went to the gym, I’m wearing sassy earrings, my hair is out of control, and I completed my to-do list. God really loves me today. Yesterday I skipped my cardio workout, had mozzarella sticks for dinner, wore flip flops with cherries on them, and didn’t spend any time reading the Bible. God really loved me yesterday, just the same as today.” 

I’m so excited for Annie today, not only because her book is finally on the shelves, but because I know what an impact her words will have on so many young women. I know the impact those words might have had on me ten years ago.  I know the impact they had on me today.

In fact, I wonder if Taylor needs a copy?

You can order Annie’s book, Perfectly Unique, Praising God from Head to Foot, here. Read more of Annie’s writing at her blog