To Seattle

Alright folks! It’s time to start planning! Patrick and I have a slight travel bug. Last year, we went to California. Back in March, we went to New York. In just a few weeks time—we’re heading to Seattle!

We’ve booked our stay at Green Lake Guest House, a small 4-bedroom bed and breakfast just north of the space needle. During the days, Patrick will be heading to a Real Estate appraisal class, and I (hopefully) will be looking out the window of our gorgeous little cottage writing a book. Yep. It’s happening.
So, while we’re there—what do we need to do? Who do we need to see? What friends of yours can we get drinks with?

Here are some ideas we’ve accumulated…





Okay… so what on this list should stay? What should go? What should I add? 
Come on, folks! We’re counting on you!