New Neighborhood Headquarters

A few months back, I wrote a story in The Tennessean about a couple new businesses that were coming to our neighborhood. In Nashville, there has been a remarkable uptick in investment and change, particularly over here on the west side—partly because properties are plentiful and affordable—and partly because the neighbors over here primed and ready for some local flavor.

Particularly when that flavor is espresso.

Owned by James and Louisa Dale Green, Headquarters is a nine-by-sixty-foot, 100-year-old hole-in-the-wall that will soon serve as a neighborhood fueling station for all things caffeine. 
They’re working on a signature latté that includes a special ingredient (cayenne pepper!)—and though they’re still waiting for one last permit to officially open the doors, you can tell from pictures that they’ve poured a whole lot of TLC into outfitting the space. 

I love how they’ve painted the front door red (obviously), and inside, check out those gorgeous hardwood floors, and the painted 100-year-old brick wall!  You can still make out a few letters here and there, though no one is exactly sure what the mural originally said. 

Louisa and James invited the neighbors to come in and sip a little joe and see the new space before it opens. Follow @HQsNashville on Twitter, or visit their Facebook page to get updates on when to expect opening day. Heaven knows I’m excited to be able to WALK to a coffee shop! Yahoo!