Family Photos

So how do you feel about family photos?

In a few weeks, my entire family will be getting together for Christmas, and the hot topic of discussion these days is whether or not to take a family photo. The last photo we took together (I think) was way back in 2010 at our wedding! Now, there are two more grandchildren (and a grand dog) to be included.

I’m not sure how I feel about coordinated family photos.
Sometimes they can look cool… But when do you know you’ve bordered on the strange, or all out awkward? From a look-see on pinterest I feel like there are 4 solid options when it comes to family photos:
1. Laying on top of each other, photo taken from above

2. Kids being held upside down 

3. Piece of furniture in the woods

4. Mom and Dad kissing, kids don’t care.
Pretty funny right? So have you done family photos? How would you suggest an extended family of 12 make a family photo happen? Color coordinate? Not? Help! 
Here are family photos from me + Patrick last year. And awkward family photos
(thanks to QAvenue Photo and A Dream Within for never making us look ridiculous)