The Year of the Gadfly

Tomorrow at 11 am (rain or shine, mind you), Brooklyn author Jennifer Miller will be hawking her wares in front of Imogene + Willie. There, she’ll sell $20 copies of her book, The Year of the Gadfly, and hand out free cookies with every copy.

The Tennessean and Nashville Scene gave readers a good preview of the event (thanks to Jennifer’s fearless Nashville PR guru—her twitter friend and mine—Kim Green), but you don’t have to wait for the novelade stand, and you don’t have to live in Nashville, to get your copy. 
That’s right ladies and those two guys who read my blog, today marks the very first Growing Up Gibson Giveaway. GUGG
Whether you live in Nashville or somewhere across the globe—enter now to win your very own signed copy of The Year of the Gadfly. (And yes, I’ll mail it to you!)


Signed copy of 
The Year of the Gadfly 
by Jennifer Miller

1. Tweet about this giveaway or tomorrow’s novelade stand 
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2. Leave a comment below describing what you were like in high school
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Good luck. 

Author: Claire

Hi I'm Claire. I am a freelance writer, Vizlsa lover, and avid runner who lives in Nashville, TN. Nice to meet you.

4 thoughts

  1. oooo high school was not my strong suit! I loved reading and hated anything math or science related. And I stayed awkward for far too long…. my mother called a few years ago to say she had found some picts from high school and would gladly throw them away for me…. "not my best moment" she said!

  2. in highschool, i was super silly and did just enough to get by, ha! i loved chemistry, and hated history. i loved traveling w/my xcountry team to meets and the smells of fall football games, we lived close to the field so my friends would meet before the game and walk over! good memories!

  3. oh cool!! sounds like a good read:) In high school – Hmm… I was a nerd, I had more boyfriends than girl friends, and I had braces til I was 18. I used lots of explanation points on my history tests, so many, in fact, that my US history teacher gave me an "award" at the end of the year for most enthusiasm about history class. hehe:)

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