Seattle Ideas: Last Day

Our last day in Seattle was jam packed… with food. Before we left, Patrick and I both felt like we just had to taste some of the great food that had been recommended to us.

For example:

Tavern Law

Dot’s Delicatessen

Madison Park Conservatory 

And the coupe de grâce…

Hot Cakes

Thankfully, we did not do all of these stops in one day. Even though I did three blog posts here, we actually spent 4 solid days in Seattle. Which means we actually had one more dinner to eat… and apparently I was so full that I didn’t take a picture. But it was delicious, traditional sushi at Shiros.

Thanks for going on this great adventure with us!

Please feel free to reach out for more questions/tips/restaurant recommendations. At this point, we feel like experts. Or maybe that’s just heartburn.

Seattle Day One // Seattle Day Two // Seattle Ideas 

So tell us… what did we miss? 



  1. yes, thankfully the funk lifted! And yes, thankfully we got some work done!

  2. Laura Carlton says:

    ….and did the funk lift?

  3. Laura Carlton says:

    so did ya’ll get your work done?


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