Giveaway No. 2 // Leather via Annie Williams

I have been so excited to share with you guys the next giveaway for #12days1story!

I first met Annie Williams at a bar with a whole bunch of friends in Nashville back when Patrick and I first started dating.  At the time, she was a musician, and just a few months later (11 to be exact) she was shaking a tamborine and singing “O Heavenly Day” at our wedding. Needless to say, she’s pretty talented.

But more recently, I’ve been even more blown away by her newest venture in leather working! Check out her work…

Shop // Twitter // Facebook

Can’t you imagine just how wonderful her shop must smell?


The great news about today’s giveaway is that it offers up something anyone can enjoy… male or female. The winner will have their choice of one of the following two products from Annie Williams’ winter line:

For the lads, a single card wallet

Or lassies, a 13″ Taupe clutch

Not bad, eh?


Go check out AW‘s products, and leave a comment down below about what you like best. (Here’s my current favorite)

Then, for extra entries, leave a comment for doing any of the following:

  • Follow Growing Up Gibson by entering your e-mail address to the right (one entry)
  • Tweet about this giveaway and make sure to include @clairecgibson, @_anniewilliams and #12days1story. (one entry)
  • Share my original post on Facebook with your friends! (one entry)
  • Go back and read the second installment of Longspur, and leave a comment there! (one entry)

Good luck! This giveaway ends Wednesday, December 5, 2012 at 7 AM

See you tomorrow for Part III of Longspur… can’t wait to share it with you!



  1. dawkinscj says:
  2. dawkinscj says:
  3. dawkinscj says:

    I follow Growing Up Gibson by email.

  4. dawkinscj says:

    I like the 13″ Taupe Calico, very nice!

  5. It’s hard to pick just one… but I love the taupe clutch you’ve got pictured above. Gorgeous, and it would go with so many things!

  6. David Lebsack says:

    I first met Annie nine or ten years ago in Laramie, Wyoming. We raced on the cycling team together, hung out quite a bit, my parents met her at church and thought we should date. Ah parents… But my two most fond memories are giving here a guitar, yes it was a cheap guitar, but seeing her light up, and when I got the call from her and Ben telling me they were engaged. Annie is one of the sweetest most talented individuals I have had the privilege of knowing, and I love her leather work. Wish her the best in all of her future endeavours.

  7. I love that clutch! And your blog 🙂

  8. 최다해 gongjumonica says:

    I followed your blog via email.

  9. 최다해 gongjumonica says:

    I love the limited simple tote 🙂 Thanks for sharing this giveaway.

  10. I’m absolutely in love with the nut brown western 14″ clutch. Great giveaway Claire!

  11. Love the Western bag!

  12. Sarah McCullar says:

    Love the clutch and Longspur so far!!

  13. Kaitie Gordon says:

    I love the simple tote, which is currently sold out 😦

  14. And I tweeted atcha!

  15. Robin Smalt says:

    I didn’t know you knew Annie. She and Ben live with one of my best friends in the Nashville Greenlands community. I love the shape of her 14″ Nut Brown Western. So glad she’s getting exposure on your blog!

  16. Also I just started following your blog! Probably about time since I go check it every other day or so anyway!

  17. I love the 13″ red leather clutch but I also love it in taupe, how cool that this is from who sang at your wedding! Love you and your writing and I wish we weren’t so far away from each other – I’m still hoping to be able visit you in Nashville at some point, maybe this coming summer after I GRADUATE (what?!) – miss you!

  18. okay I love that clutch, love the leather and the simple design. Consider it on my Christmas list.

  19. okay, I want that clutch, love the leather, love the design. Consider it on my Christmas list.

  20. I loved the (sold out) simple tote! Beautiful leather!

  21. Sarah Howze says:

    So many beautiful ones! I think I love the one you guys are giving away, because it would go with so many things. All are so beautiful though!

  22. Natalie S. says:

    I love the taupe clutch also! Beautiful work!

  23. Ummm I’d like to meet your friend Annie because these are gorgeous!! I think we have the same fave – I love the little button on the Black Orion one!

  24. Ben Rucker says:

    Hmm, this is awesome. I love several things: That nashville has cool people like Annie and Ben being awesome and making things that are high-quality and unique, that I know the models in the photos on her web site (Hi Caylin), and that there are dogs featured as well. And last but not least, my favorite item: The phone wallet (for when I get a smart phone some day).

  25. Shared on Facebook!

  26. I followed!

  27. I’ve been friends with annie for awhile, she sang with the Medders at our reception! She’s so wonderfully talented! I love her clutches (all of them) and I’ve told my husband that he someday has to buy me one. 🙂

  28. Oh and I forgot to say what I like best. I’ve been working on Jeremy to get me the Simple Tote for Christmas. Want that big time!!

    xo, B

  29. retweets shares and love abounds.

  30. and lastly — i shared the original post on facebook! 😉

  31. my favorite item is the clutch you are giving away. and then the simple tote — MAN that is BEAUTIFUL!!!
    (btw the “shop” link is missing an “i” so does’t work. xo)

  32. i follow via email! xo

  33. swimminginsunshine says:

    I love the taupe clutch!

  34. Stared on fb. 🙂

  35. I tweeted! 🙂

  36. I follow you!

  37. The 13″ red is pretty gorgeous!

  38. Blair @ wild and precious says:

    Tweeted about the giveaway (retweeted you) xo

  39. Blair @ wild and precious says:

    I’ve read both installments of longspur. Love that lil bird and am so excited/anxious about the passing!

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