Twelve Days One Story – Final Giveaway

12 days

Today is the final post for #12days1story. We did it!  Twenty-four total posts… twelve giveaways, and one short story all about a bird named Cal (which weirdly, was an ex-boyfriends name, but honestly I only named him that after the animal’s genus: Calcarius)

This all started as just a way to force myself to sit down and write some fiction. That’s it. I didn’t even know if I would do anything with the story. But then all this unfolded.

I was originally inspired by my sweet neice, Margaret, who is absolutely in love with birds. Her mom, my sister Leigh, told me once that she actually went out in the back yard and sat in a bush for a long time. When she came back inside, Leigh asked her, “Margaret what were you doing out there?” and Margaret replied simply, “I was sitting on my nest.”

That’s the kind of imagination I hope to have.  I also hope to have the kind of determination to just go “sit on my nest.” Maybe I’m not “getting anything done,” or being “productive,” but heck… maybe all of us just need to nest every once in a while?

But I promised twelve giveaways, right? So there is one more.


Unbeknownst to everyone (even my husband until the very last minute)… I was sneaky and self-published this little short story I’ve been sharing! And today, for the last and final #12days1story giveaway… I’m giving away one hard copy of the story.


  1. Comment here, “Gimme that book!”
  2. Tweet it out, “I WANNA COPY @clairecgibson!”
  3. Facebook it.
  4. Text me with lots of exclamation points
  5. Call me and leave me a message about how much you want a copy
  6. Send me a letter in the mail
  7. Contact me here

This giveaway will end on Friday, December 28th, 2012.  Take all week to enter as many times as you like! I’ll keep a running tally of entries, then enter them in to choose the winner. Good Luck!



If you really want a copy, but don’t win the drawing… you may just be in luck. Each book is $10.00 (including shipping) and I ordered a few extras, just in case. Please email me at and I can ship one to you!

Thanks also are in order for my editors, Joseph Williams, Liz Riggs, and Patrick Gibson. Thanks to Annie Williams, Ali Price, Marisa Pardo, Miranda Whitcomb Pontes, Marc Scibilia, Anna Bost, Lyndsay Rush, Hannah Stahl, Suzi Kroske, Louisa Dale Green, and Natalie Lynn Borton for providing unbelievably great giveaways.  Thanks to Margaret for inspiring me. Thanks to Jason Mundie and Q Avenue Photo for the beautiful photography to accompany each post.  Thanks to Sandra Gibson for being a constant commenter, to let me know that at least someone out there was reading!