Evie’s Swedish Birthday

My friend Evie is remarkable. She’s an art teacher, she’s a friend, and she’s got handwriting that might as well be it’s own font. (In fact, Evie, did you know that you could actually make it a font?)

IMG_0763Evie’s also part of the magic behind Twelve at the Table, a Nashville pop-up dining experience unlike any other (and which I’ve yet to experience). Oh yes. And she’s part Swedish. So when someone this creative and talented throws a birthday party—watch out pinterest and self-confidence. You’re about to be blown away.

Just a few blocks away from us in Sylvan park, Evie’s made her “state” street house look like a magazine worthy flat in New York City. Then, there’s the remarkable food, drink, and atmosphere that only she can create.

Evie, this is my tribute to your dazzling night. Happy birthday!

IMG_0708Notice: Two perfectly placed sconces. Matching Chairs. Swedish Candies. Mini Bar.


IMG_0712Notice my misplaced wine and clutch—I am not a product stylist.

IMG_0713The kitchen. Brilliant!

IMG_0714Steaming Swedish glögg and Swedish meatballs.

IMG_0716Homemade bread, not pictured, Swedish meatballs. Better than Schweddy balls. 

IMG_0722Slightly blurry boot, but you see what I was trying to do there. 

IMG_0723Thad’s poncho. Cozy.

IMG_0724Beautiful Jessica Rose. 


IMG_0730Outdoor carport turned into dining space. Yep. This was the moment where I considered never throwing a party again because Evie had put me to shame. 

And the rest:

IMG_0733Ice rings with pine. 









Happy Birthday Evie!!



  1. […] they stopped by the porch, it became deliciously clear that Garr treats beer the way Evie Coates treats food. He knows it’s special. He knows it’s more than just hops, yeast and […]

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