My favorite restaurant in Asheville

Patrick and I hit the road this weekend for Greenville, South Carolina. But before we hit the upstate, we stopped in on my absolute favorite restaurant in Asheville, North Carolina: Salsa’s!


Homemade salsas to choose from, including my favorite—the roasted tomato and peanut salsa!


House mojito includes sugar right on the straw. House margarita is made with fresh-squeeze citrus and top shelf liquor. But I don’t like this place just for the drinks.

Check out the Caribbean Mexican fusion…


Fish tacos: tilapia, fontina cheese, beans, cabbage etc. Enough to split, which we didn’t.



Enter the day’s winner: the Cubano burrito. Pulled pork, fried plantains, delicious homemade sauce, lettuce, cheese, and some sweet pineapple. YUM!

This place is typically packed at night and on the weekends… so stop by at lunch or on a weekday to get seated right away—expect loud colors and a whole lot of art, to boot. Ask the waiter to do the “arm trick,” and expect to see handle bar mustaches. Our server’s shirt said “Local is the new black.” And for Asheville, he’s right!


Walking back to our car, we saw a few Asheville buildings just waiting on some local love, a few murals and a funny RV sticker,in honor of Hal Humphreys.





Asheville has so much to offer, and we were sad to only get to stop in for an hour or so.  Next time, we’ll be back to stay a few more days!

<stop back by today for my top 5 super bowl commercials!>



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