The Marble Slab: The one we chose


Okay, so I told you a little bit about how we decided to go with marble for our countertops, right? Well who knew it would be so hard to pick out stone!?? Not this girl.

Apparently, it’s not just as easy as walking up to a place, looking through the slabs, and pointing to what you like. First, you must find a fabricator (the people who cut and size and fit your stone), then you can go pick out your slab.

We visited a whole lot of fabricators before settling on the one nearest our home, Stone WorldIMG_0811This is at Werthan, another great fabricator in Nashville. 

IMG_0816And then of course, comes the shopping. Looking through stone isn’t like shuffling through clothes on a rack. These puppies are several thousand pounds each! So moving through and choosing your stone can be a long process.



This was our first option, a beautiful polished white carrara at Modern Granite and Marble. But because it was polished, we knew we’d have to pay to have it honed. (Polished marble is shiny and beautiful, but it stains and scratches more easily, and can’t be repolished. Honed marble is soft and stains/scratches can still happen, but are less visible!)

Plus, as beautiful as this one is, I wasn’t sure I’d be crazy about the patterns and lines in our small space.


So, on what we hoped would be our final stop shopping for marble—we finally found our slab at Nashville Granite and Marble. This is a beautiful carrara bianco, and it was already honed!! Yahoo!

IMG_0502The next day when I called back, I asked if they remembered me, and the guy said, “Oh yeah, you’re the one who made us take a picture of you with the slab?”

Yes, Cory. That’s me.


Author: Claire

Hi I'm Claire. I am a freelance writer, Vizlsa lover, and avid runner who lives in Nashville, TN. Nice to meet you.

7 thoughts

  1. Don’t let Cory make you feel weird…you are at least the third of my friends who has taken her picture with pretty new kitchen marble. 🙂 hope this reno is so fun for y’all!

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