Paint Colors for a White Kitchen

I think we’ve done it folks. I think we found our paint color for the kitchen. Don’t laugh at me. THIS WAS NO EASY FEAT.



We’re getting so close to ripping up floors and counters and sanding and doing everything we need to do to make our kitchen dreams come true. But one of the last few things I had to do was pick paint.

And it was killing me.

Most kitchens that we’ve looked to as inspiration are just plain old white. And with white cabinets, white counters, white subway tile… I just couldn’t bring myself to paint the entire kitchen white. Plus, the rest of our house a goldish hue. Would white work? And surely I’m more interesting than that, right?

We tried searching for grays… but I was afraid it would be too cold. (In fact, when we first moved into the house, we painted it grey and I immediately went back to home depot and went for the red. Talk about drastic mood swings.)

I thought about painting the kitchen the same color as the rest of our house.


It’s a color called “Bone.” Yep. That’s funny.

But then I didn’t want the kitchen to be the exact same color as the rest of our house. What to do?

We picked up a sample of “Porpoise” from Sherwin Williams – a dark grey-beige that we’d seen around town. But when we painted it on the wall, it looked a little too much like smeared concrete.

porpoise sherwin williams

Then, I went back to the  drawing board, and just started picking up different paint chips… until I realized I kept on picking up the same exact one, “Antique Leather” by Behr.

Here’s all I have to show you so far. But think it’s the one.

antique leather behr



  1. […] Paint. Honestly, paint is the bane of my kitchen renovation existence. We went with Benjamin Moore “Oxford White” for the cabinets, and after I purchased a gallon of something we didn’t end up using, we chose Benjamin Moore “Winds Breath” for the walls…. I think the light grey-beige “greige” offers just enough contrast with the white, but keeps the room airy and bright. I think? Our buddy Fitz helped with the painting—and he did a great job. […]

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