I Like Wood, Part 2: Installing Hard Woods

Life in my world is absolutely bonkers right now. We’re not living at home because we’ve demolished the one room that allows us to eat. Pursuit Magazine just published the most complicated and rewarding story I’ve ever written. And … I can’t think of a third thing because my brain is so fried from it all. (It’s a good fried. But it’s got that greasy, mushy feeling none the less.)

So here’s the house update if you’ve been curious…remember how I told you that I like wood?

Here’s proof.


before demo

This is the only picture I could find of the floor “before.” Apparently I hated taking pictures of it because it’s so heinous.


stained wood floors


Here’s a photo from the den looking into the kitchen. They’ve already put a stain down, here… but as you can tell the color was really light… and just didn’t look right up against the other floors (after all, we are goign to have three different hardwoods going on in our tiny house and we want them to look at least a little bit alike).

stained wood floors

So we asked the nice folks at Verchota Floors if they could try again on the stain… to warm it up a bit. Here’s what it looks like now:

floors with correct stain

Much better, am I right?

We can’t wait to show ya’ll the rest! It’s really coming together nicely. How are things where you are? Bonkers? is spring busy for everyone, or just for people who are remodeling?



  1. I did not know this had turned into a “naughty” blog. Offensive.


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