The Kitchen Remodel: Before and After

Enough teasing. It’s time to show off the finished product. Scroll down to the bottom for details, contractors, products etc.

For now… let’s just look at some pretty before and after shots!


kitchen beforeAFTER

kitchen after

 A few things to notice. While we kept the same layout, we changed a few things that made a big difference. We took out those open shelves by the window. We added crown moulding to the top of the cabinet boxes. We added can lights and a new light fixture. We. Painted. Everything.


kitchen countersAFTER

kitchen after 2

Here, you can see the beautiful wood floors. I think the thing we love the most right now is that slick backsplash. No more italian tiles. No more grit and grime from 10 years ago locked in the grout. Awesome.


before demo


counter depth fridge

Counter-depth fridge (we’re going to work on scooting it back a little bit more, once we tweak the floor moulding). Also, we’re still going to add crown moulding to the tops of these cabinets, too.



LG blue oven



roll out kitchen cabi

So there you have it folks! Our brand new kitchen!

Patrick and I couldn’t be more pleased with how it all turned out. It’s the product of a whole lot of hard work, a few sleepless nights, and countless trips to Home Depot and Lowes. (We still haven’t decided which store deserves our allegiance.)

If you’re interested in all the details, here you go:

  1. It’s really happening. (All the before shots)
  2. Our White Kitchen Mood Board.
  3. Choosing Counters. We ended up going with this marble slab from Nashville Granite and Marble. Our fabricator Stone World, did an excellent job. BUT FYI, the glue they use to install counters is very smelly. We had to crash at a friends’ house that night, unexpectedly.
  4. Choosing Floors. We ended up going with hardwood, because it’s “like jeans, it goes with everything!” We couldn’t be happier. The folks at Verchota did a great install, and matched our other hardwood floors perfectly!
  5. Paint. Honestly, paint is the bane of my kitchen renovation existence. We went with Benjamin Moore “Oxford White” for the cabinets, and after I purchased a gallon of something we didn’t end up using, we chose Benjamin Moore “Winds Breath” for the walls…. I think the light grey-beige “greige” offers just enough contrast with the white, but keeps the room airy and bright. I think? Our buddy Fitz helped with the painting—and he did a great job.
  6. THE SINKMy mom asked if we meant for it to stick out like that. Yes, mom. We did. We found this apron-front sink online, and fell in love. Most apron-front sinks require a special kind of cabinet, but this one came with instructions for how to retrofit an old cabinet for the sink front. Patrick and his dad worked hard to build in the supports so it doesn’t come crashing through. The faucet is from Home Depot.
  7. Hardware. Unlike our “mood board” said, we went with polished nikel Allen + Roth pulls. I realized I didn’t really want the cups because then you have to position your hand under the cup in order to open a drawer. I have been in the habit of opening drawers from the top—so these pulls don’t mess with my habits. With the pulls, we didn’t have to re-drill our cabinet doors, plus I think they work perfectly with all the other finishes.
  8. Backsplash. Our friend Matt Long helped us out installing the backsplash of white subway tile, and he did a great job. Be careful, though!  Home Depot and Lowes have what seems like the same subway tile, but they are different colors. We went with the Lowes version.
  9. Crown Moulding. A local carpenter, Ben Williams, helped us install the crown moulding. Super helpful, because we couldn’t have done it alone!
  10. Magnetic Spice Jars. I get that these are kind of trendy, but aren’t they so cool!? Magnetic strips and magnetic jars can be found at the Container Store.
  11. Rolling Cart. Patrick found this online and it was a jerk to install. But it’s awesome, and now we can actually use that little space by the dishwasher. We made a mistake on the door that attaches to it, so we’ll have to install it in a few days after we fix ‘er up!
  12. APPLIANCES. This was a fun part. We went with the counter-depth Frigidaire Refrigerator, an LG stove (with blue interior. what.), LG Microwave and Dishwasher. We also installed an extra quiet disposal… which is a lifesaver, because we didn’t have one before!
  13. Electrical. Our electrician, Steve, helped install new can lights and this pendant from Home Depot. We LOVE them!

It’s quite possible that I forgot something. So if I did and you’re curious about something we did… just leave a comment—I’ll try to answer it to the best of my ability. We have some art work coming in the next few weeks, so I’ll keep you updated on all that!

*Phew!* that was a doozy! Thanks for sticking with us through all that mess!



  1. It looks FABULOUS!!! I can’t wait to come see it in person, drink coffee and admire it for hours, and make some dinner together with our hubbies!! GREAT JOB, GIBSONS!!!!!

  2. aunt nana says:

    but very VERY proud of you guys. Loved how you shopped and updated the old!….smart…very smart.

  3. aunt nana says:

    I have to admit…my sink insights are lacking….

  4. It looks great Claire! I can’t believe these are the same cabinets, just painted right? I love the pulls too. You and Patrick did a great job!

    • Thanks Ellen!! Yep. You saw it at its worst. It’s amazing what a difference a coat of paint makes. (And… a few other things, too!)

  5. LOVE it!! So proud of you and the hubs! The hubby and I are moving into our 2nd house this July and the kitchen is a little outdated and your remodel has totally had me thinking about what we will do to it!!

    • Awesome Samantha! I definitely say to TAKE YOUR TIME. We’ve lived in this house for two years, and kept a running list of ideas and questions and stuff. I think had we tried to do it right away, we probably would have made some mistakes. (and probably would have gotten in a lot more fights.) I hope to get to see pictures of your new place!

  6. I absolutely LOVE it! AWESOME job you guys!


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