Travel Bug.

If you know the Gibsons—you know we like to travel. Though we don’t get to do it as much as we’d like, we try and make a habit of saving money like fiends for one sizable trip every year or so. We went to California in 2011, for our first anniversary, Seattle in 2012, for our second. And now… in 2013… we’re planning another big adventure.

This time… we’re going to…


We are so excited, we can’t even contain ourselves. Last week, we bit the really difficult  bullet and snagged two plane tickets… we will fly into London on October 3rd, and out of Rome on October 24th.

Here’s the thing. Patrick went to Germany, Switzerland and Italy a few years before we met. But I’ve NEVER been to Europe. My parents lived in Germany for four years before I was born. But I’ve NEVER. BEEN.

And that means I want to see just about everything. Which obviously, you can’t do when your time (and funds) are hemmed in by… oh you know… reality. Plus, planning a trip can be pretty intimidating when you’re looking at an entire continent.

So, I have two main questions:

1) What do we HAVE to see in England, France and Italy? 

2) What should we SKIP in England, France and Italy? 

All suggestions are welcome. I’ll try to keep you updated as we make our plans!





Author: Claire

Hi I'm Claire. I am a freelance writer, Vizlsa lover, and avid runner who lives in Nashville, TN. Nice to meet you.

7 thoughts

  1. So jealous! What fun – and such a good length of time for a European Vacation! My brother and I traveled to England two summers ago to visit my cousin and we loved it! We loved London, but we loved some of the day trips/weekend trips we took from London more. Definitely plan on spending 1-2 days in Oxford (tour Christ Church, eat a picnic from the covered market [get Ben’s Cookies!], go to some pubs, Bodleian Library, among others) and visit the Cotswolds if you can. We were big into saving money whenever we could, so to see some of the famous cathedrals and churches, we would go to an evensong service and get to experience some very talented local choirs etc. Great especially in Oxford and Cambridge. We also saw a play in the Globe Theater, and that was cheaper (and better/more entertaining) than taking a tour.

  2. Stay out of all castles except 1 in southern Germany but you’re not going there anyway. They all look the same. Also, take tons of photos of you and Patrick in front of everything. Most people get home and have no photos of themselves. Any photo without you in it is nothing more than a total bore.

  3. Yaaaay! What part of Italy? I went to the southern part in 2006 and would say some of the must-sees are: The Vatican and the Sistene Chapel (finding a young, fun art history student to give you a tour out front MADE this for us) and the Coliseum (obvi) in Rome and then the Isle of Capri and Pompei on the Southeastern coast. We are going to Northern Italy in November and I CANT WAIT! We’ll be in Venice, Florence and Bologna and have heard one must see is the Cinque Terre national park. Also, on a somewhat silly note, if you have read or liked any of Dan Brown’s books, Angels and Demons was set in Southern Italy and actually points out a lot of fun places and facts that made it fun for us to find while we were there, and his new book, Inferno is set in both Venice and Florence helps point out places and things I would not have notice otherwise. SO excited for you!

    1. Great thoughts, Mallory!! In fact, I’m hoping to have a TON of fun reading to keep me occupied on the trip. Maybe Inferno would be a perfect one to take!!

      I think we are goign to do Cinque Terre – Patrick has been there before, but wants to show me. 🙂 I can’t WAIT!

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