To Ascot or Not to Ascot?

This is my friend Hal.

Screen Shot 2013-08-15 at 4.23.50 PMIn this photo, he’s wearing a seersucker ascot made by Otis James right here in Nashville. And somehow. He pulls it off.

Now listen. I’m not a dude. And I don’t pretend to know that much about fashion. (Because let’s be honest, I basically just ask myself what would Whitney wear every time I look in my closet.) But, if I were a guy… would I have the guts to wear an ascot?

Otis says the goal was to rid the ascot of its “commonly-implied pretension” and to “bring it into the realm of comfortable approachability.”

So what do you think… did he succeed?

Would you ascot?


Photo via otisjamesnashville



  1. Maybe in cooler weather… but not in August!
    I always thought that ascots, horn rimmed glasses and an English accent made men appear intelligent – but an ascot in August disproves that notion. It is a lovely ascot though.

  2. NO!! This is only one step better than Walowitz’s dickies… way too pretentious… and not cool (IMO) but what to I know…

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